About Ah Cama-Sotz

When wandering in Mexico he uncovered local mythology and found his alter ego: ” Ah Cama-Sotz “, named after a giant bat which used his extremely elongated sharp claws to decapitate his victims. In the mid-eighties he recorded his first tracks, which were given airplay on a controversial Antwerp local radio station, ” radio centraal “, 106.7 FM. While on the air he attracted the attention of an electronic/ritual band called ” Hybryds ” which resulted into a ritual-ambient project/recording for the Antwerp zoo: ” Soundtrack voor het aquarium ” (project by hybryds and vidna obmana). When listening to ah cama-sotz’ recordings you will ascertain his mephystological values interpolated with rhythmical-ritual ambience and accentuated with industrial vibes.

During his career Ah Cama-Sotz has carved a niche for himself as one of the darkest industrial acts around. His music is steeped in a multitude of mythology, occultism and bloody history, which lend a context and significance to the individual works that is noticeably absent from a lot of contemporary industrial / noise music. The past 26 years (1993 – present) have seen the Ah Cama-Sotz sound progress from cold, minimalist electronics through to dark ambient soundscapes and pounding techno floor-fillers.
Herman’s boyhood infatuation of classical music has prominantly formed the foundation of his present musicality. Subsequently his fascination for “dance” led him into DJ’ing in clubs and local pirate radio stations, where he noticed the incessant evolution and metamorphosis of ” dance ” and experimental music. Yet, he didn’t want to remain a passive onlooker and aspired to formulate his individual sound, by mean of acquiring synths and samplers. His objective was to combine his musical passion and esoteric ideology which resulted in an obscure and macabre but rhythmic and atmospherically sound. This project required an appropriate moniker, which could integrate and mirror all those constituents.

Ah Cama-Sotz will transport your subconscious in a mythical universe where his alter ego ” Ah Cama-Sotz ” haunts the night and proliferates anxiety amidst every living creature. Ah Cama-Sotz’ music reflects the epitome of mankind’s mis(t)ery and (in)humanity.

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