possessive blindfold 7″ vinyl cat. PBV03. 1999. usa
released in: 1999
format: 7″ vinyl limited edition
limited edition: 300 copies



baal [review by seven]

submitted by anton on 12-Dec-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton

this vinyl release by ah cama-sotz seems to focus on both strong sides of the band, presenting each one on a separate track. usual ah cama-sotz sound is precisely balanced mixture of dark ambient and noisy distorted percussion.

title track reveals the rhythmic side of the band unleashing the dark menacing percussion layers enveloped in hollow screams and waves of feedback and noisy atmospheric sounds. “baal” features stronger rhythmic content than most of the usual ah cama-sotz tracks almost approaching at times controlled intensity of winterkälte.

“isaneona” is the second track on this record and this time it is filled with waves of dark abrasive sounds, the thick menacing clouds that gather high above the ruins left after previous track.

this record from pbr is, of course, a must for any ah cama-sotz addict that is doomed to spend days collecting all collaborations and releases from this great project.


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