Chimère Obscure

7″ vinyl ep [ant-zen act423]
Record / Vinyl + Digital Album

  1. carnevale
  2. mantichora
  3. damnatio memoriae
  4. orazione

Bandcamp link:

“walking through the streets of venezia, i imagined a musical soundtrack. obsessed with the city’s beauty and history, i planned to produce my own musical tale. lots of cultures and civilisations influenced venice history. their rituals and knowledge make part of the obscure side which existed throughout the centuries. i was thinking of pure ritualistic and tribal music, a more specific ritual sound as what i produced up to now. ah cama-sotz is known for tribal ritualistic stuff, but these 4 tracks would follow a different path. venice gave me the possibility to express myself in a different musical context, still with a recognisable sound conveying the listener throughout musical culture and history. charged mystical atmospheres with sensual undertones and eastern influences.” ah cama-sotz 2022 

about the songs: 
carnevale: venice with its obscure masks and chimères, style: tribal rhythms and eastern accents. 
mantichora: tribal rhythms, occidental beats en eastern instruments. 
damnation memoriae: ancient eastern voices & ritual highlights, slow beat, dub, guitar. 
orazione: eastern oud (arabic lute), occidental ancient voices, tribal rhythms, percussion.

releases April 14, 2022 

youtube: ah cama-sotz – carnevale 

all tracks recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by ah cama-sotz @ terra inhibita VI & illlektrik.toolz. 

artwar by salt 

this is ant-zen act423

© all rights reserved

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