ACS Discography 2010-2001

Blood Will Tell
bats & cats cd cat. BC07. 2010. belgium

Declaration Of Innocence

bats & cats cd cat. BC06. 2008. belgium

” Dead Cities “
bats & cats cd cat. BC05. 2007. belgium

bats & cats / digital album cat. BCD01. 2007. belgium

Echoes ov a beckoning arcanum
ah cama-sotz & iszoloscope
spectre cd cat. S23. 2006. belgium

The Way To Heresy
hands cd cat. D086. 2005. germany

” ghost in the shadow “
spectre cd cat. S18. 2005. belgium
release date: 30/09/2005
format: cd
cd comes in carboard cover. limited edition of 515 copies

10 years bat vibez
HANDS 2cd cat. BO24. 2003. germany
released date: 4/10/2003
format: 2cd
2cd comes in handspack with booklet

Echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth.
ah cama-sotz & iszoloscope
spectre cd cat. S14. 2003. belgium
released in: OCT 2003
format: cd
500 copies comes in oversized digipack with booklet, ltd. edition & 500 copies in normal jewelcase.

rites of the flesh
bats & cats epcd cat. BC04. 2003. belgium
released in: 2003
format: 3″ ep cd
limited edition: 520 copies. 3″ ep cd comes in a black cardboard package with 1 postcard fixed outside and 2 separate postcards inside.

la procesión de la sangre
hands cd cat. D034. 2002. germany.
released in: 2002
format: cd
normal edition
special edition: 600 copies.
la procesión de la sangre 2cd (hands B018) comes in a box with the regular cd and hands fold out pack which includes a 3 track mcd: ” god’s confession:lustt ”

excramentos diabolicos
klanggalerie 7″ vinyl cat. GG35. 2001. austria
released in: 2001
format: 7″ vinyl
limited edition of 200 copies

ah cama-sotz & frames a second
spectre EPCD cat. E07.1. 2001. belgium.
3″ cd limited edition. comes with limited “disorientation box”
released in: 2001
format: 3″ cd
split collaboration (only 3″cd) between frames a second and ah cama-sotz
special edition: 333 copies. comes with ” disorientation box ”
(cd and 3″cd) limited edition box

hands epcd and 10″ vinyl cat. DO26 and V031. 2000. germany
release date: 30/08/2001
format: epcd & 10″ ep vinyl edition
normal edition

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