Declaration Of Innocence

Declaration Of Innocence
bats & cats cd cat. BC06. 2008. belgium
release date: 02/10/2008
format: cd

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When Dreams Collide
Voices From The Dark (Silentium)
Decline Of The Roman Empire
Lines Are Sacred
Offering | Sacrifice
Declaration Of Innocence

Exactly one year after the highly acclaimed ‘Dead Cities’ the man who we know better as Ah Cama-Sotz (Batman for friends) presents a new album on his own Bats and Cats label. Hidden inside a metal CD-case lies the ‘Declaration Of Innocence”, guarded by the characteristic circular logo of the Bat. In ten tracks Ah Cama-Sotz tells a story of a journey; How your inner soul is transported into another dimension. Events on this journey include a certain ‘Sacrifice’ as instructed by ‘Voices From The Dark’, a visit to ‘Warszawa’ and – albeit from a distance – watch the ‘Decline Of The Roman Empire’. And like a true journey, the view out the window is gorgeous. Varied and dynamic as we have gotten to know the talent of our tour-conductor. There are moments of deep dub with heavily distorted guitars, ambient neo-classical soundscapes, Arabian as well as ritualistic influences. And the additional vocals of Fleur Pierets turn the rockiest mountain into the Garden of Eden … With ‘Declaration Of Innocence’ Ah Cama-Sotz succeeds again in delivering an album which completely f*cks up the inside of your head and therefore changes your perspective of a world filled with Blood, Guilt, Sin and Innocence.

* thanks to bauke (press review) – the law-rah [collective]

All tracks recorded, mixed, produced & mastered, AD 2007/2008, by ah cama-sotz @ terra inhibita & illlektrik.toolz, Antwerp, Belgium. ©2008 music & lyrics, except warszawa (bowie/eno).
Artwork: herman klapholz. Credits: fleur pierets, jamez dean, jérôme soudan, miss kitsch (my soulmate). © SABAM.

Declaration Of Innocence

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