Burning Souls. Brandende Zielen

Burning Souls. Brandende Zielen 

  1. Dusha
  2. Hing
  3. Ruh
  4. Siel
  5. Anima
  6. Tamashii

When the night falls, creatures locked inside the forest of doom, hollow as it is, the cold wind blowing as usual. Pain has a grimace, do you see its face? Distorted pleasure remains forbidden. The sacrifices took place in hell, a nightmare comes true. Passion and deep griefs, lost within a thousand years,… The fire is dying, suffering yet to come. The desolate desert becomes so cold at night, where humans lose their beauty as death is passing by. Burning souls coming from another emptiness, shall remain in darkness. Pain, pleasure, sacrifice, suffering and death. ©HK 

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© bats & cats . cat. BCD11 2022. Belgium 

© Ah Cama-Sotz + bats & cats digital 
© Artwork by Ah Cama-Sotz + bats & cats  



credits: Miss Kitsch 

All tracks written, recorded, mixed and produced by Herman Klapholz at Terra Inhibita VI. Mastering @ Illlektrik.toolz, Antwerp (BE). 
Available in 24 bit AIFF format for optimal listening pleasure. 


released February 4, 2022

© all rights reserved

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