State of Mind

State of Mind
hands cd cat. D220. 2015. germany
release date: 24.04.2015 (off. 22.05.2015)
format: cd
time: 58 min.
cd comes in handspack

listen / buy : iTunes & Bandcamp

1. And it Makes me Susceptible to Pain …
2. Isfahan (2015 Version)
3. Solitaire
4. Surrender to Infinity
5. Desert Heat (White Sands Above the Sea)
6. Hotel Odessa
7. Transcendental Meditation
8. State of Mind
9. Room with a View

” The endless tunnel and staircase relating to the infinite way of traveling towards one’s state of mind. “

Two years after the extensive anniversary release „Obsession Diabolique“, Ah Cama-Sotz returns with a more concise, almost intimate album: While still considering the rhythmic aspects of the ACS sound, the 60 minutes of „State Of Mind“ are on a distinctly downbeat note, leaving room for the inimitable atmospheric pieces and a fair share of sensual fantasies, on some tracks accompanied by familiar female vocals. The ACS mélange of ethnic sounds and beats with dark electronica and morbid obsessions appears more refined than ever!
State Of Mind
The city . The city that never sleeps. millions of souls crawling daily through the streets, their thoughts and minds are infinite. They won’t surrender to their state of mind. These living creatures exist through  the pace of modern society. Let us  not forget the belly, the underground of the city. The story i’m about to tell you is one of a dark era (yet to come). A lonely voice about solitude, despair and darkness. People will have to gaze into the underground, the endless tunnel and staircase relating to the infinite way of traveling towards one’s state of mind.

“State Of Mind” harks back to older ACS albums, as well as picking up where “Obsession Diabolique” ended. The two opening tracks “And it Makes me Susceptible to Pain …” and a strong 2015 Version of “Isfahan” are dark sensual fantasies, carried by female vocals and downbeat rhythms; “Solitaire” combines retro synth patterns with a repetitive electro/techno vibe; “Surrender to Infinity” and the title track “State of Mind” are storytelling dark ambient pieces with a dynamic structure; the ethnic beat section of the album consists of the triplet “Desert Heat”, “Hotel Odessa” (complete with proto techno sounds) and “Transcendental Meditation” before “Room with a View” closes the album in that downbeat, almost trip-hop-style sound.
With “State of Mind” veteran producer Herman Klapholz proves again he has no equal when it comes to providing authentically introspective and dark mood music!

State of Mind





ACS is practically a legend given the longevity of the project and the numerous releases under this banner over the years. Given the time span it must be difficult to keep on providing something fresh; and whilst he has been guilty of following a similar formula on many releases (as have many), this time he has produced some subtle differences that give Sotz a fresh face.

Opener ‘And it Makes me Susceptible to Pain’ takes the projects trademark tribalism and folds it into a trip-hop aesthetic that glides and weaves, oozes and writhes with a new found confidence. The 2015 version of ‘Isfahan’ follows suit and is a blunt lesson in Herman Klapholz’s evolution and willingness to move forward into a brave new world.

The dance synth of ‘Solitaire’ may not be original by any means, but displays vigour and blends well with the familiar ambience of ‘Surrender to Infinity’, which harks back to previous affairs. Here, Klapholz turns retro and delves back into his ethnic tribal patterns that we are more accustomed to, with ‘Desert Heat’, before jumping forward to his new found sound on ‘Hotel Odessa’.

The rest of the album plays out in the same fashion; shifting from this modern approach to older key structures at will, heightening the evolution of the project as a whole. In short, Herman has produced one of his better and more engaging albums in many a year.


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