guilty – audiowall

guilty – audiowall
ah cama-sotz & pal
spectre / nocturnus 7″ vinyl cat. NOC 2. 1999. belgium
released in: 1999
format: 7″ vinyl limited edition
split remix collaboration between pal and ah cama-sotz
limited edition: 399 copies



guilty – audiowall [review by recycle your ears]

PAL is known for having collaborated with various bands (Deutsch Nepal or Hybryds, for example) and this ep is a new example of how this artist can widen his horizon. It is, on the other hand, the first collaboration of Ah Cama-Sotz with another band. So, what have these two essential names of the present industrial scene been able to do with each other’s work?

“Guilty”, Ah Cama-Sotz remix of PAL’s material ends up to be mainly a fast PAL-esque rhythms “decorated” with a lot of background saturated loops. From times to times, some drumming breaks the flow, with a very Ah Cama-Sotz sound. However, the main beat drives you all the way through this track. During the second part, some voice samples appear, treated with a lot of echoes and repeating over and over. All in all, this is an interesting track, well produced and which would easily fit on any of these artists’ release.

The other track, “Audiowalls”, PAL’s remix of Ah Cama-Sotz’s stuff consists in various layer of loops and drones, evolving slowly like thousands of insects. The result is quite deafening, somewhere between Ah Cama-Sotz and the noise of an airplane’s engine. The song’s structure is more simple than on the other side of the ep, but it features anyway the unimitable touch of PAL’s slow pieces. Some cracks or additional distortion appear at various moments, giving more substance to this track, calmer but maybe more heavy than “Guilty”.

For those who want more, there is a third track done in collaboration by these two artists, “Shipwrecked”, on the Maschinenfest sampler.

Nicolas, January 26, 2000


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