bats & cats

bats & cats

bats & cats (a record label) has seen the light in the unholy year of 1995, being a nice pretext to release the first solo record of AH CAMA-SOTZ, titled “ hecate’s psy “. Why bats & cats ? Simple: we love bats. We are fond of cats. The combination of the bat, dark & horrid (un)soul (well, euhm…) representing the underground and the cat being a mistery animal with an incredible charisma, led us to name this label as it is today. Musically speaking: we like dark-ambient, tribal, doom, industrial, electronica, metal, noiz, dub, techno, world, ritual, ….  etc …etc …


Ah Cama-Sotz – dr.blood – il dottore roxo – copyright © bats & cats 1995 – 2020. All rights  reserved. – info:

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