Stepping into slightly different territory, though as dimly lit as ever, Mr.Klapholz presents his side project, OKK-ULTh. The precise definition of the word “occult” cannot be defined with any absolutes since the very concept of what the word represents changes based upon the religious and spiritual practices of the person defining it. Whether considered a scientific, evil, mystical or magical practice, it comes down to the final idea that the occult is that which cannot be seen or explained by any scientific means. Perhaps this is the core of what Klapholz captures with the sound of OKK-ULTh- multi-layered ideas wrapped around a central concept that will invoke different visions in those who listen. Taking up residence in dark ambient and dark ritual territory, Herman uses his music to explore history, reality, and touches on a sense of the surreal. Apocalyptic soundscapes stretch forth with a sense of the sinister and foreboding as the territory is picked apart and shadowed corners are explored. A frightening history of the human species is revealed and the shocking truth exposed. What exactly that truth or vision may be will vary from listener to listener as they succumb to the power of OKK-ULTh.

  • The Hidden Room (BC03) ©2000
  • Elizabeth Bathory (S13) ©2003
  • Fire Is The Devil (S20) ©2004
  • Prepare For The Final Awakening (Bone 05) ©2007
  • Attack Of The Astro Zombie (Pflicht 041) Remix for Contaminant ©2009
  • Prepare For The Final Awakening (OKK-ULTh Vs ACS) (BC07) ©2010
  • OKK-ULTh (bcd10) ©2021 – https://ahcama-sotz.bandcamp.com/album/okk-ulth

more info: https://www.discogs.com/artist/142408-OKK-ULTh

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