old europe café 10″ vinyl cat. OEMP 002. 1999. italy
released in: 1999
format: 10″ vinyl limited edition
limited edition: 600 copies
listen / buy this cd on iTunes/Bandcamp:



poison I antimony
poison II hydrocyanic


poison [review by seven]

submitted by alan on 18-Dec-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton

On acidic blue vinyl, we partake two disturbing pieces that infuse you with atrocious venoms of the dark. Immensely layered atmospheres that you couldn’t cut through with the sharpest of blades, counter-activated with dirging bass lines and hives of harsh synthetics throughout.

Your first drink of Poison I, “antimony” bleeds into brain with grating static textures, revolving noir synth chords, and obscure frightening samples that transitionalize into loud resonance feedback frequencies. You just may not survive the madness!

The second poison, “hydrocyaniC”, locks you into a cage of streamlined buzzing & bubbling synthetics, bleak shivering strings, and dominant phase patterns that surge through your veins. One of the noisiest tracks I’ve heard from ACS. Don’t grit your teeth too hard, they might shatter.

Very impressive material from the dark underlord of lost souls. And a must as usual for fans and newcomers.


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