ant-zen 12″ lp vinyl cat. ACT104. 2000. germany
released in: 2000
format: 12″ lp vinyl limited edition
limited edition: 601 copies
listen / buy this cd on iTunes/Bandcamp:

god is deadh
the gathering
crucifixion of the flesh
bleeding crosses
prophetic vision


the house of the lordh [review by seven]

submitted by anton on 19-Jun-2000

after latest “murder themes & terra infernalis” released on hands (that easily entered my top 10 last year), herman has moved to ant-zen with this vinyl release. it is still a mystery to me why it has been decided on vinyl as opposed to more easily-accessible media. however I do have to say that eerie packaging and artwork on the vinyl envelop contribute a lot to the mood created by the music.

the record begins with “prophetic vision” which is a slow epic track with hollow noises and gloomy dark atmospheric sweeps that end with a crashing beat. demonic screams full of infinite sadness are trying to escape from the background. desolate landscape is filled with distorted voice and shadows moving in the fog; rhythmic patterns emerge from chaos, directing the flow of threatening energy.

“i:believe” concludes the first side with mesmerizing voice samples spoken over the dense collage of slowly pulsing dark atmospheric waves, short chorus parts, occasional heavy abrasive beat. the combination of eerie dark strings and subtle clean chorus samples is simply incredible.

symphonic arrangements slowly progress on the next track, “god is deadh”; the music expands and acquires rich deep strings that cover fading whispers supported by sparse abrasive explosions, organ samples, distorted screams and collapsing textures.

“the gathering” assembles a solemn atmosphere becoming a sermon where gentle chimes break into corroding noisy patterns built upon epic atmospheric waves. “crucifixion of flesh” gains momentum with regular percussion slowly leading the grave procession with ensemble of ominous strings weaving the melody backed by slow heavy beat and mechanized breathing.

“bleeding crosses” concludes the album with truly demonic atmosphere built with fast string arrangements full of fear, passion and burning desire. scattered whispers are lost in between chimes and heavy regular beats are counting down the remaining moments; at last the track stops and you are left alone with the images the music has brought to lifeÖ

ah cama-sotz creates music that is not quite ambient, and it never reaches the monotony and simplicity of most ambient acts; the sounds are always intriguing and incredibly dense atmosphere is what makes it possible to instantly recognize the band.

every single music element together with packaging creates an exquisite and very carefully crafted atmosphere. try listening to it while falling asleep – the intensity is building up slowly and before you notice, you are trapped, following all intricate changes, suddenly finding yourself in the dark fighting with nightmarish images created by the music.



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