Dark Souls and Evil Shadows

Original songs that have been remixed by Ah Cama-Sotz.
released April 23, 2017
© bats & cats . cat. BCD04. 2017. Belgium
© Ah Cama-Sotz + bats & cats digital
© Artwork by Ah Cama-Sotz + Bats & Cats
Digital release on Bandcamp and iTunes

Your Darkest Soul (Burden of Dreams remix) 05:59
Enuma Elish (Laid to Rest remix) 06:30
Aralim (Liquid Skies remix) 05:03
Dead Cities (Rave New World remix)04:51
Akhirah (I Hear Voices remix) 05:21
The War Against The Machines (Everything Falls Apart remix) 05:48
Child Of The Damned (Evil Shadows remix) 05:46
Your Darkest Soul (A Moment Frozen in Time remix) 05:43


Dark Souls and Evil Shadows

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