ankh – deceptive rate

ankh – deceptive rate
ah cama-sotz & frames a second
spectre / nocturnus 7″ vinyl cat. NOC4. 2000. belgium
released in: 2000
format: 7″ vinyl limited edition
split remix collaboration between frames a second and ah cama-sotz. limited edition: 399 copies

deceptive rate


ankh – deceptive rate [review by recycle your ears]

After the Guilty / Audiowalls 7” with PAL, for the new 7” in the Nocturnus split series, Spectre has once again asked Ah Cama-Sotz to collaborate with another rhythmic noise band, this time the belgian Frames a Second.

Ankh is a song assembled by Ah Cama-Sotz with sounds from Frames a Second. The tempo is very slow, the song is quite harsh but stays calm, in the chilly way of Ah Cama-Sotz’s recent The House of the Lordh. However, some non distorted, electro beats are used, and bring a whole new dimension to the dark drone of Ah Cama-Sotz. The song sound more sci-fi than usual, maybe more accessible. Anyway, a good song.

Deceptive Rate is more repetitive and rhythmic, with Frames A Second attempting at turning the drones and samples from Ah Cama-Sotz into something more danceable and energetic. Nice track too here, but lacking the diversity that would have made it great.

Not as suffocating or shaking as the split between Ah Cama-Sotz and PAL, this new Nocturnus item is still a very nice 7”. Very thick vinyl, nice inlays and an interesting collaboration: here is everything the fans need to be delighted.

Nicolas, August 11, 2000


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