terra infernalis & murder themes

terra infernalis & murder themes
hands cd cat. D010. 1999. germany. special edition: “murder themes & terra infernalis” 2cd
released in: 1999
format: cd
normal edition
special edition: 500 copies.
murder themes & terra infernalis 2cd (hands B008) released as double hands paperbook

listen / buy this cd on iTunes/Bandcamp:


© bats & cats . cat. BCD03. 2017. Belgium – digital – released January 29, 2017


terra infernalis tracks

ce carnage démoniaque
rite and belief
look for graves with holes in them (l’âme du crime remix)
empty souls
vio-lence and vivi-section
look for graves with holes in them
none of this is true

murder themes tracks (D009) – special edition 2cd cat. B008

first theme – prologue
second theme – killing for fantasy
third theme – damnation
fourth theme – hungry for more / search and destroy
fifth theme – gates of hell
sixth theme – funeral
seventh theme – chimaera


terra infernalis [review by seven]

submitted by alan on 17-Dec-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton

Abandon all thoughts of what you may already think you are about to experience, because what you will experience is like no other. Two entrances to this hauntingly introspective trip can be taken; one into the mind and spirit of a killer, and the other into the land of dead & tortured souls. If you choose the first one, you will experience some of the most terrifying environments known to mortal man. Broke down into seven themes of brutal hypnotic atmospheres that will drag you deeper into the psyche of a madman. Unveiling phantasmal environments infused with subtle dark string symphonies and ritualistic percussive elements. Cold defiant samples lead you into each theme gesturing you towards next corner of this dismal labyrinth. Towards the end of this journey you will partake some classical elements once heard from another lifetime in the sixth theme. Concluding your journey to escape this madness, you exit with spacey spiraling drones and attacking apparitions.

This ends your first experience and prepares you for the next. On this you will embark the sea of lost souls and the helix to hell. Here you will enter the domain of an abysmally menacing and corrosive environment. States of echoing rhythmic percussives that lead you downwards into the unexplained. The screams of a thousand souls will wander your mind, pushing you further, crushing you with interlaced tumbling percussion and brutal melodic synthetics that will tear at your heart slowly. Upon reaching the “empty souls” you will drift into metaphysical states of consciousness and reproject thoughts of your first journey. Demons shall arise once more to remind you what you may have left behind.

Relying on cold dismal dirges to lead you to your place of rest, you become enthralled and distracted with that of “none of this is true.” Relaying eerie strings, persistent melodies, which assimilate with a complexity of dense percussions on “ill-lektrik.” Which will awake you from your long coma of enlightenment of “Zostrah.”

Nothing more can be said other than if one has not taken this trip, one must engage this before passing on to the next world.

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