Ah Cama-Sotz Popaganda webzine interview (Athens/Greece)

Ah Cama-Sotz Popaganda webzine interview taken by George Voudiklaris (Athens) // December 2017
1. In what way did your early love for classical music affect your style and your sound later on?
———– I already listened to classical music (and so) being a child, so when making music and experimenting with dark ambient music , I think this is quite a convenient way to attract the opposite. I started doing tribal stuff with Hybryds starting of the 80t’s, while doing this collaboration, I looked for several paths, experimenting with different kind of moods: tribal/ambient, oriental, soundtrack, beats/breaks and much more………
2. What was the industrial/dance scene in Belgium like in the early 90s, when you started making music?
————This kind of styles were quite underground, not really the genre they played on official radio stations. Even techno/dance stuff was clubby, it was a time labels released lots of vinyl in lots of different styles, I remember going to the record store, where i could buy hundreds of vinyls , from experimental music up to new wave/industrial and underground dance /new beat!
3. Your fascination for the occult and the macabre, as well as history and mythology, have been a constant source of inspiration. Where you always attracted by these fields, even when you were young? How did this begin?
———–Since long time i’m fascinated into it. I received history lessons since then when i started to study at school , quite early, yes 🙂 ! and each teacher had different approaches towards teaching education in history. At later age, i could search for more information when seeking about older civilizations and cultures.
4. The kind of music you make has a number of faithful followers in every country. Where do you think your music is more popular?
———– Well most of all I’m quite popular in countries as Germany, the US, etc …… but hey, i’m getting reactions from all over the world. The internet did difficult things regarding music selling, but from another point of view one can reach lots of people via the internet . Society has changed. the youngsters are using new tools of communication , more than we did in the 80t’s.
5. ” Ah Cama-Sotz ” is quite a name! Would you like to tell us the story behind it, and why you chose it?
———When going to Mexico I became interested in Indian civilisations , the Maya and Aztec culture, etc….. and being a recording artist I wanted to develop an artist name around this topic. I read about the Quiché culture , their language , and mythology (Guatemala) . I read about a vampire bat called “dzotz”, “sotz” , “camazotz”, …… i was quite enthusiastic about it, and being a fan of bats and vampires I knew I was right!, it gave me the exact feeling l been looking for!
6. What do you think is the ideal surroundings for one to listen to your music? Alone in his place with the lights out, in a club where a dj plays your tracks and the dancefloor is full, or in one of your live appearances?
——– Difficult to tell, as I’m into several moods and styles, I prefer the people / the audience to tell me. Tribal it is. Ambient it is. Everyone has to fantasize his personal story about my music. well, a track about darkness / dark ambient won’t fill the floor with dancing people 😉
7. Your music creates images in people’s heads. I can’t help but ask myself what kind of films you like, and who your favorite film directors are. If you could create a soundtrack for one of them, who would that be?
——- a lots of films I like , lots of film director i like, let me think: David Lynch is one of my favourite directors; Well movies around horror and space (i.e. Alien) should perfectly fit in the Ah Cama-Sotz environment!
8. Fear of death is often a source of inspiration for artists. How do you deal with it?
——–quite positive as being a part of our live, and death is, after all, the end of a physical life. What happens after dying ? i really don’t know. Could be a surprise 🙂 such a theme gives a lot of musical inspiration; I must say. Still lots to do in the coming time 😉
thanks for the interview!

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